CDC USA branch Reelects Tukpah

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Apr 23 2014
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The opposition party Congress for Democratic Change or CDC branch in America has climaxed its 4th biannual convention and policy conference with the reelection of Isaac Vah Tukpah, as National Chairman for the next two years.

A dispatch from America said Mr. Tukpah got a second term on white ballot after he went unopposed during the election held over the weekend in Baltimore, Maryland. Speaking in an interview shortly following his reelection, he lauded CDCians in the U.S. for the confidence reposed in him to run the affairs of the party’s branch in America and reaffirmed his commitment to building a wider membership base.

“We feel the CDC is an attractive preposition right now and if it should expand its attractiveness across Liberia, we need more support from the USA to be able to help build the infrastructures across the country”, he said, and added that his second term will focus mostly on recruiting more members for the party, which has lost two Presidential elections here.

He outlined some challenges faced by the party’s USA branch as lack of interest based on the fact that memberships are mostly committed to personal and family obligations and not being able to attend regular meetings, while others were not happy with the past leadership on grounds that they were competing at the time, but said mechanisms have been put in place to keep members united.

“We are very distributed here with people all across the country and it is a very big country so we don’t have a lot of face to face, but we have gotten to the point where we have very efficient telephone conferences and it works for us, so we can overcome those challenges and have a good organization”, he noted.

Chairman Tukpah further disclosed that his second term will also focus widely on more road shows to various states across the US where there are more Liberians to spread the words of the CDC and win over more members.

He said it is the dream of the CDC-USA to see Liberia elevated to the level where every citizen has an opportunity for affordable living.  Mr. Tukpah named job creation, decreasing corruption, improving health care delivery, creating a better business climate, better educational system amongst others as areas that need prompt attention.

Commenting on the policy forum, he said the first step of the policy review focused on the economic policy of Liberia, reprioritizing of the National Budget, Gender Equity, and health care delivery amongst others, while the second step will involve other experts who will review and extract key things which will either benefit government now or future governments out of which recommendations will be made to the National Executive Committee of the party in Liberia.

Meanwhile, the CDC-USA convention under the theme  "Elevating the movement through victory 2017" brought together members from across America, and also saw the reelection of Arthur Kulubozumo Zakama - Deputy Chairman for Administration and Levi McCarvent Madison - Deputy National Secretary General. 

Other newly elected officers are Galakpai Howard - Deputy Chairman for Operations, Isaac Saye Zawolo - Nation Secretary General, Joseph Tamba Jackson - Treasurer and Varney Karnley - Financial Secretary, respectively.

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