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In proper concert with the Mighty Congress of Democratic Change revitalization of the base, the Revolutionary National Youth League (RNYL) continued its elections in district # 10 Montserrado County.  Over the weekend of July 19, 2015, many young people from all communities in District # 10 convened in the Old Road community where the CDC district headquarters is located to elect for the first time their district youth leaders of the party. The validity of the process was evidenced by huge jubilations of various candidates marching the principal streets of Old Road with their supporters using various campaign slogans.  Obviously, the most popular one was “Amandla Awethu.”  This famous saying meaning ‘power to the people’ was used by almost all of the candidates in a vociferous tone which attracted passerbys, non- partisans, and well wishers to witness the process.

As customary, the elections started with a formal program where the leadership of the district officially welcomed the Revolutionary National Youth League election team to the district.  Speaking on behalf of the district, the Secretary General of the district, Alphonso King said “For and on behalf of the leadership of electoral district # 10 Montserrado county, we wholeheartedly welcome the National Youth League at the CDC district headquarters in   electoral district # 10.  Feel free and feel at home”. He appended that he and the district officials were available and willing to help in making the process successful and were there to resolve any hindrances that come the RNYL team’s way.

As the process continued, the Deputy Secretary General for Research and Records and Secretary on the Election Committee Mohammed M. Bamba, Jr. outlined the essence of the process, stating that as part of the Revolutionary National Youth League Action Plan towards 2017, this process is the primary part of that Action Plan intended to  strengthen the National Youth League by activating and reactivating all its structures at the county, zonal and branch levels in preparedness to make the CDC the next ruling party. To inspire and energize the youth of the Party so as to have them more engaged with the Party activities.   He stated that as gatekeepers of the party, the RNYL is charged with the responsibilities to defend and protect the CDC in constructive engagements by persuading other likeminded young people in our counties, communities, and homes to join us.

In separate remarks, the Chairman on the Election Committee and Vice Chairman for Political Affairs Emmanuel T. T. Swen formally dissolved the existing leadership and opened the election process by calling on Cedecians who have obtained the age of 18 – 35 years. With the nomination process formally opened, two persons were disqualified by the committee for forging their ages after a thorough interview and vetting. After several minutes, the nomination process was closed and two persons got registered on the floor after they were vetted and qualified by the committee, totaling to 14 candidates for 11 positions leaving.  Two positions, Chaplain and Treasurer, had no candidates.  The elections started with a cross examination of candidates by the electorates through debate. Those elected in competitive races are:

  • Gaiyeizohn A. Davis as Chairman defeating his rival Robert Beyan in a landslide margin of 196 votes to 78 votes;
  • Gus J. Siaway, Jr as Vice Chairman for Administration defeating Joe R. Varney in a close race of 124 votes to 120 votes with 12 invalid votes; and
  • Wallah Richardson as Secretary General defeating Tyrus G. Jallah 105 votes to 60 votes with 17 invalid votes.

The rest of the officers were elected on white ballot as follows:

  • Ishmael P. Johnson as Vice Chairman for Finance and Investment,
  • Isaac  Zammie as Deputy Secretary General for Research and Records,
  • Reagan Barcon II as Deputy Secretary General for Administration,
  • Ayuba Siafa as Vice Chairman for International Affairs,
  • Daniel Dennis as Vice Chairman for Operations,
  • Narvin Ireland as Vice Chairman for Political Affairs,
  • Blessing Flomo as Public Relations Officer

After the process, the Vice Chairman for Administration Josephine W. A. Davies congratulated the winners and called on those that were defeated to join their colleagues that emerged victorious in the spirit of fostering reconciliation and moving the party forward. She paid homage to the young people who turned out to vote calling them true Cedecians that are prepared to make 2017 a victory for the CDC.

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