Grassroots Democracy

We believe democracy functions best when it is able to enhance the lives, actions and participation

of peoples at grassroots levels. Building consensus for governance at such levels, gauging the level of participation of local peoples and evolving community-based democratic frameworks that localize access to resources and information are vital components of grassroots democracy.

Strengthening such local democratic efforts is a legacy the Congress for Democratic Change hopes to implant in Liberia’s political culture. The CDC is guided by the belief that expanding the reach and impact of governance to those straddling the lowest levels of society results in a more informed citizenry and generates a greater commitment to country.

We believe that an emphasis on grassroots democracy places important political tools and resources in the hands of our people and heightens the awareness that the people have the right to democratically alter the form of their government, where necessary, to produce alternatives that respond to their concerns and interests and that the abridgement or violation of such inalienable right must meet with the stiffest resistance and punishment under the law.

The CDC believes that people’s power will forever remain invaluable to the democratic experience and that it is such power exercised in its most democratic form that holds the key for any functional democracy.