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Since the much disputed 2005 elections, CDC stands tall as the most viable opposition party in Liberia. The results of various By-Elections and/or Special Elections that have been held, has proven that CDC is the preferred party of the people, a fact proven by the Liberian people’s voting CDC over the ruling Unity Party! The Congress for Democratic 

Change was founded in 2004. By that year, Liberians were picking up the pieces from the civil conflict that witnessed the exiling of President Taylor and the setting up of National Transitional Government (NTG) headed by one Charles Gyude Bryant. The NTG was an offspring of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) signed in Accra, Ghana in August 2003. Many ordinary Liberians had begun voicing their frustration and misgivings of the Liberian political system. Many attributed the suffering of the masses to the maneuvering of a greedy and selective few and expressed their frustration about the failure of leadership in Liberia to chart a new course of action for the nation after the cessation of the 14-year long civil war. They agreed that the nation had been misled and plunged into chaos by a generation of leaders who placed their individual interests above those of the country.

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